"SONDER": Share Your Stories

"SONDER": Share Your Stories

You chose to follow the white rabbit!

If you are seeing this then you have received McMonster's first book, "SONDER". 

Here, you are invited to submit your own stories which will be reviewed and considered to be featured in a future limited re-release handbook called "Sonder Stories, A Guide to the McMonster Universe"

Chosen authors will be featured and credited, and will receive a first-edition copy of the limited re-release, along with a shopping spree to my entire collection.

Step 1: Post your stories here
• Below, please enter your stories into this blog as a post, to share your submission.
• Make sure you begin your story with the title and prompt.
• There is no limit to submissions.

Step 2: Submit your stories for the 
• Please share a copy of your story so we can contact you later to: joshmcquaryart@gmail.com Make sure you put "Sonder Stories" in the subject line.


If you've somehow stumbled across this page, you can find a copy of SONDER here and share your stories.

  • Very nice

    Linda Malzone on
  • You are such a beautiful talented artist. Im enjoying being a part of this. Thank you and love you lots

    Linda Malzone on
  • He could never sleep at night, the wind was too loud, the moon was too bright. His brother, he was just alike, no rest for either, no slumber in sight. So they lassoed the moon, they held on tight. They sunk that moon, drowning it’s light. Some say it was wrong, few said it was right. Those Moon thieving brothers, now rest for life.


    Moon Thieves on

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