"Interested in the field of relational aesthetics, architecture, history, and counter culture explored through media, the global perspective is primary to my work. Like many of those in the "fringe" society life becomes increasingly difficult to manage against the suppressive inequality perpetuated upon humanity by popular demand.  Beyond social manipulation we are facing the ever growing challenges of our advanced industrial age through global climate change. We live in the age of late stage capitalism, a product of the industrial revolution and intentional visceral advertising. Capitalism as a super structure hinges on the chalk pillars of purchased nobility through donations to our current political, educational, and social structures. So here we are 7.7 billion deep and counting, hegemonized and in need of more sound systems to help us advance beyond a toxic age".

To see more of Arta's works:
Website: Artamariepowers.com
Instagram: @wrecknrally