My name is Paul Munko and I am an artist and graphic designer based in New England.

My entire life has been an indulgence of creativity. From as far back as I can remember I have been creating both artwork and music as a way to express myself and project my ideas into a tangible, physical form. Through my work I have created both a brand and a business that offers people all over the world a unique, sometimes grotesque take on traditional art and design.

I have collaborated and created "colorfulfilth" themed work with RiFF RaFF, Escape the Fate, Teddy Fresh, and countless other brands and professionals worldwide. Through these partnerships, I have developed amazing relationships with wonderful people who I am excited to work with each and every chance I get.

I work in many different styles, and each one of those styles is always evolving. I look forward to sharing these evolutions here, and want to thank Genuinely Whatever for featuring my work and showing some love to an artist who lives in the middle of nowhere! 
• Website:
• Art Instagram: @ColorfulFilth
• Photography Instagram: @PhotosByFilth
• Twitter: @ColorfulFilth
• Facebook: ColorfulFilth
• Commissions: email

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