Custom Wheat Paste Posters

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Have your artwork printed on Custom Wheat Paste Posters!

  • Printed on 24" wide 20# Single Weight Uncoated Bond Paper
  • High Pigment Water-Based Inks With Fine Art Quality Detail

Once you have placed your order, please submit your artwork to with your order number in the subject title.

Please submit your artwork in one the following formats:

Vector Art (.ai .pdf .eps)

• Must be delivered with text expanded/outlined or font family included
• If PDF, must be illustrator capable|
• Must include vector artwork; No linked files or low resolution copy-paste from another file format.

Raster Art (.jpg .tif .png .pdf)

• Must be delivered with resolution of 300dpi or higher
• Artwork must be at-size for desired print area

Printed and shipped from Portland, OR, USA
Orders Ship in 2-3 Business Days

Notes on Wheatpaste Paper: 
• Your poster will arrive FOLDED. Don't panic! All artists fold their wheatpaste posters for travel; The creases will smooth out when applied to a surface with paste. Rolling your wheatpaste posters causes the paper to want to curl after applied and is not recommended. 
• Due to the thin nature of the paper, we print using a medium ink deposit setting. This causes light banding in the image - It is not extremely noticeable, but it does exist. If your image is photographic, or you prefer to receive your posters with a heavier ink deposit, please let us know so we can send you an adjusted invoice. 
• We no longer offer wheatpaste kits, but recommend mixing a wheatpaste powder (carried at Blick Art Materials) combined with about 10% of wood glue; Enough to promote water-resistance, but not enough to fog your image. 
Have fun and be safe! 

Important Disclaimers (based on a true story):
The artwork you provide to us will be printed. THIS MEANS: You get out what you put in. Good art in, good art out. Low quality files in, low quality prints out. We will not fix your artwork for free. If you need help with setting up your art file or are not sure how it will print, please ask when submitting your artwork file! 

These are not fine art prints, do not expect gallery-level quality from these.
These are high quality wheatpaste posters. They are meant for the streets... Maybe an installation can help with the process. Please do not ask us for a refund for the work we have done if you don't know what you are ordering.

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