Stone Fig is an artist born and raised in Portland, OR who is currently pursuing her MFA in Los Angeles, CA. Her artistic inspiration ranges from promoting body positivity, sublime and esoteric surrealism, modernized iconography, and pure spite/bullshit.

Eroticism is a delicious way of depicting the capitalistic and monetary value of a body. Without it, the human race would be void of lust and desire. By depicting the human form in a way that encapsulates reality, Fig aims to make sure that normal bodies are perceived as art pieces the same way that superficial body standards are. Was Andraste built like a pair of chopsticks? Were Radha or Ganga depicted as slender or frail? Was Yemaya shown as slim or petite? In case it wasn’t clear, the answer is f*ck no. Powerful and ethereal womxn throughout history and/or mythology are displayed proudly with their rolls, fat, cellulite, hair, ad nauseam.
Their skin, a suit of armor, donned to reflect the moon, stars, and all that comes with the sky.
Penny for your thoughts: Who are we to alter ideas of the true form womxn are meant to embody?

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