Submit Art to BOARDED UP

Welcome to the BOARDED UP virtual art show!

Let's face it, things are weird right now. With everything going on, we wanted to come up with a way to help.

Our goal with BOARDED UP is to provide a fun way to escape the solitude, while offering a way for artists who have been impacted by a lack of work and resources to earn the income they need to make it.
As much as we'd love to have all of you together in one giant room hugging and high-fiving, this is our way of coming together while we have to be apart.

We encourage those of you are here to paricipate to learn about the precautions we are taking to KEEP YOU SAFE.

If you are an artist who would like to submit artwork to sell, please review the Guidelines and complete the Submission Form below: 

Artwork can be composed of anything!

- We all have limited access to supplies, so use whatever you can find lying around; Cardboard, Empty Spray Paint Cans, Small Canvases, Yarn, Popsicle Sticks - You name it!

Artwork must be priced $50 or less!

- We want to offer fun and easy-to-buy artwork. Put something together that someone will love and won't break the bank.

• Size Guidelines

- 2D works: Max Size of 12"W x 18"H (pieces over a depth of 1" may not be accepted)
- 3D works: Max Size of 12"H x 3"W x 3"D (this is roughly the size of a spray-paint can, but your submission does not have to be a spray-paint can)

• This Is An Open-Ended Event

- This means that there is no set submission cut-off time. We will continue to accept and list art as long as the quarantine lasts or until we are unable to.

• Sales & Payouts

- We will be sending payments from sales AS SOON AS art is shipped. We typically process artist payouts monthly, but given current circumstances we feel inclined to send you money as soon as your work is sold. 
- Sales will be split 70%/30% Artist/Gallery. The portion that we keep goes toward our coordination time and efforts, keeping our site running, customer service, and other operating overheads. In addition, we are dedicating 5% of our split to go toward a discretionary fund we are building to help assist those who are effected the most from the pandemic. We will soon have a portal where individuals can apply for assistance.

• Multiple Submissions Welcome!