Commissioned Pieces by ALBANUS DESIGN

Commission Requests are based on the notion that the artwork is created in line with the style of works represented and created by Albanus Design. Requests to replicate another artist's work will not be accepted.

Commission Pricing:
• 3 x 5in (Tarot Size) - $30 (no color option)

• 6 x 6in - $150 (+ 50 for color )
• 6 x 8in - $250 ( + 100 for color)
• 8 x 10in - $400 ( + 100 for color)
• 9 x 12in - $500 (+ 100 for color)

50% of the total cost of the project is due upfront. This serves as a non-refundable down payment for startup costs and supplies. The $150 - $500 commission packages also include a free random print from my collection and a personal use license

Revisions are available with these commission packages during (the penciling/sketch stage only). Afterwards, any edits requested on an approved concept, during the inking stage, or finalized piece will be charged with a fee of up but not exceeding the total cost of the new project. 

Licensing options are available upon request.
Please note: Non-Disclosure Agreements and Full Licensing are subject to an additional charge on top of any other agreed upon pricing. Pricing for these additional options is determined on a case-by-case basis.
Termination of a Project: If you (the client) terminate a project the funds paid towards the project will not be refunded under any circumstance. No Physical or Digital artwork, rough sketches, proofs, etc. may be used in any way and the work will not be sent to you (the client). Any future requests made by you (the client) will be subject to a Liability Risk Assessment.
Shipping: Final Artwork WILL NOT be shipped until the remaining balance on the account is paid. International shipping can take 7 - 21 business days to arrive. Shipping with tracking is included in the price. 
Thank you for inquiring. By submitting a request for Commission Work with Quincy Washington (Albanus Design) you (the client) agree and adhere to these terms and conditions.
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