Commissioned Pieces by McMONSTER

Commissioned pieces can work several ways. The purchaser may request that the commissioned piece be a recreation of similar works previously displayed on social media platforms. The alternative option is to input several of your own requests/ideas to be incorporated into a more personalized piece. In this case it is asked that the purchaser not be too overly specific with how the piece is created. This allows McMonster to interpret your ideas to create something truly original. There will not be any recreation of another artists work.

Submitting your commission:
All payments must be made in full before any work is started. There is a guaranteed turn around time of no longer than three weeks, this does not include shipping time. Once you have submitted your payment are are ready, please email to share your commission request details.

Sizing and Prices

  • 11x14 = $200
  • 16x20 = $300 (preferred size)
  • 18x24 = $500
  • 22x30 = $1000

Shipping costs Domestic

  • 11x14 = $15
  • 16x20 = $25
  • 18x24 = $35 
  • 22x30 = FREE

Shipping cost ANYWHERE outside the US

  • TBD

Venmo - @joshmcquaryart